Bed Bug Extermination

in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia

Have bed bugs invaded your home? Call Bed Bugs Undercover for effective pest extermination services in Northeast TN and Southwest VA!

Areas all over Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia have suffered from a growing bed bug problem in recent years. Although these tiny critters aren’t known to spread disease, they do cause stress, insomnia, and itchy bites – and they won’t go away on their own. If you suspect your own home has an infestation, we are extensively trained and we’re here to help.

Bed Bugs Undercover is the team to call if you want an infestation dealt with quickly and effectively. Our collective knowledge and experience allow us to develop the best pest control solutions for any situation!

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Common Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs themselves can be challenging to spot since they’re mainly active during nighttime, but they tend to leave clues behind like any other pest. Here are some warning signs that you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation:

  • Bed Bug Bite. Red and itchy rashes are the most noticeable symptom of a bed bug problem, and they often appear in small, flat clusters or zigzag lines. However, not everyone reacts to bed bug bites.

  • Eggs. These pests will often lay milky white, grain-like eggs around your bed framings, mattresses, and box springs. Bed bugs and their eggs may also hide inside cracks and crevices or isolated areas.

  • Sweet Odor. If an infestation becomes widespread, you may notice a persistent musty and sweet smell, often likened to berries.

  • Bed Linen Stains. Reddish-brown and blackish spots on your linens might be bed bug excrement in the form of digested blood.

  • Exoskeletons. As a part of their lifecycle, bed bugs shed oval, light-colored exoskeletons.                                                                                                                                                   If you suspect bed bugs, you need a professional. We never recommend "do it yourself" sprays or self-treatment. This can cause resistance and may also push bed bugs into other areas of your home, leading to more expenses in the future.

If you’re not sure what kind of pest you have, call us for a free assessment! Our Associate Certified Entomologist will quickly identify your infestation and recommend a plan of action.

Learn About Our Bed Bug Treatment Process

At Bed Bugs Undercover, we follow a comprehensive bed bug removal procedure to eliminate these pests in every stage of development from your residence:

Bed Bug Inspection:


Our trained technicians will visit your home and look for evidence of bed bugs. We make sure to account for every possible hiding spot since these pests tend to grow and spread quickly.

After locating the infestation and determining its severity, we will provide an upfront quote for our recommended services. Our team will explain the treatments and answer all of your concerns, and we won’t begin without your approval.


Bed Bug Treatments

Bed Bugs Undercover uses several specialized treatment methods to get rid of bed bugs. Depending on how widespread the infestation is, we might isolate specific rooms or treat your entire home, and we focus our efforts on the areas where these pests hide and feed. Our treatments include:

  • Liquid Pesticide: Pesticides can be incredibly effective for killing bed bugs, and we have different formulations to suit the infestation.

  • Dust and Aerosol Treatments. Dust treatments last longer and can easily spread throughout an infested room to cover large surfaces. Aerosols, on the other hand, are excellent for direct application on hard-to-reach bed bug hiding places like cracks and crevices.


Follow-Up Visits

After administering the initial conventional treatments, our technicians will inspect and treat for a minimum of two follow up visits, or more if activity is still present on the third visit.

If bed bugs are common in your area, we will recommend a few preventative measures to reduce the risk of re-infestation. These steps include encasing every mattress and box spring with protective covers and reducing clutter to eliminate hiding places.

Call Us Today for Effective Bed Bug Control and Extermination

Like any other pest problem, bed bug infestations will progressively worsen the longer you ignore them. A female bug may lay between one to three eggs per day and 200 to 500 eggs in her lifetime! Eventually, they will spread throughout your entire home and require more extensive treatments – don’t let this happen to you.

If you suspect you have a bed bug problem, contact Bed Bugs Undercover right away. Our team will eradicate these invasive pests and provide a prevention plan to help you keep them away for good. Call us at 423-534-9771 or fill out the form above to schedule an inspection!